4 Space Saving Solutions for Your Bathroom

Considering that the bathroom is oftentimes the smallest room in the home, there is little wonder why most homeowners want to make those small additions and improvements that enhance the feel of the room as well as the available space. Four simple space saving solutions are listed below.

1.    Add a Vanity: Tons of bathroom vanities Brookfield WI add room to the bathroom without taking up a lot of space. Tons of styles & designs in vanities make it easy to get what you love. The vanity contains the sink, cabinets, and bins for storage!

2.    Home Decor: Various pieces of home decor items can be used in the bathroom inside of drawers to keep hair bands, barrettes, and other similar items neat and organized, and easy to find, to use as a waste basket, etc. Baskets and many other items double in the bathroom for such purpose.

3.    Storage Ladder: A storage ladder is another neat bathroom accessory that will add ambience to your space while providing plenty of room to put your decor, bath and hand towels, candles, and other items so that it is not in the way but nearby when needed.

4.    Rearrange the Bathroom: Something as simple as rearranging the bathroom mixtures can be all that you need to create extra space in this room. Perhaps a professional designer is in store for this project. It’s a small price to pay to recreate the look of the bathroom and gain more room in the process.

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There are many imply ways to save space in the bathroom without spending a ton of money in the process. The four solutions above are among the many. Now it is time to spruce up the look and space that you love s your own with a few of these ideas.